What is Career Transition Coaching?

The purpose of Career Coaching is to develop and implement strategies to help you reach personally identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction, including a new, rewarding employment situation.  Career Coaching may address a wide variety of goals including career direction definition, assessing marketable strengths, resume development, networking strategies, interviewing coaching, negotiation strategy development, continued career success and advancement planning, personal branding to help you grow your career or business, specific personal projects, job performance and satisfaction, or general conditions in your business or profession.

Career Transition Coaching is designed to help you determine your career direction and then help you achieve your goals.  Through this process you will determine whether you want to stay in your current career or find a new career that will suit you better.  Even if you want to stay in your current career, but in a different company or higher level position, career coaching will help you reach your goals. 

Career Coaching is a process of determining your goals, developing an action plan to achieve those goals, and learning the steps to an effective job search.  Searching for a new position has changed drastically over the past several years.  Today, you cannot conduct an effect search simply by working with recruiters and answering online ads.  Less than 15% of people find their next position this way.  If you are to be successful in reaching your goal of a new and rewarding position, you must also learn how to leverage your network.  This is one of the strategies you will learn when you work with a Career Coach.

In addition to determining where you want to go, you will also need to determine your marketable strengths, develop a resume that shows potential employers why they need you, network effectively, interview well, and be able to effectively evaluate job offers and negotiate your new salary.  Many people do not know how to do these very important elements of a job search.  Working with a Career Coach, you will learn and implement all of these skills so that you select a position in which you will be challenged, satisfied, and fulfilled, and will be compensated according to the value you provide your new employer.  You will also learn what it takes to be a star in your new position and move along a path of continued career growth.

When working with Quantum Leap Success Coaching while in a career transition you have numerous options, tailored to your specific needs.  Options include:

Three Career Assessments and interpretation to help you determine your career direction,

Definition of your Marketable Strengths

 Resume Development, as well as cover letters and marketing letters,

Job search campaign strategy development,

Networking coaching and assistance,

Interviewing coaching and practice,

Personal branding coaching to assist you in marketing yourself in your industry,

Interviewing progress assessment and evaluation,

Offer evaluation and negotiation strategy development,

Continued career success and advancement planning, and

Support and encouragement between coaching sessions, as your coach is your sounding board and your motivator to keep you going to achieve your goals

If you would like to have the career or position you have always dreamed of, call today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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